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G REBELLO ENGINEERING is an Australian company founded on the 1st July 1982 by Roque and Sylvia and commenced operation manufacturing Plastic Injection moulds and Spark-eroding services from the Garage at home for a variety of Clients.
The Company moved to Industrial premises in January 1984 with 2 other full-time employees together with another 3 part-time employees – manufacturing a range of precision molds for disposable syringes and thin walled flower-pot molds and general engineered products.

In July 1986 moved to own Bigger premises with 5 full-time employees and in 1988 acquired the  Business of ABCO Plastics and once again moved to even Bigger Premises at Smithfield with improved facilities for Tool and Die manufacture and Injection Molding specializing in Engineering Plastics.

In 1990 Rebello  purchased a 4000 sq. mts Factory at Guilford and after extensive renovations moved the entire operations there and purchased a range of CNC Machines , Wire-spark and Spark Erosion machines continuing to manufacture high precision molds , Injection Molding and Decorating resulting in One-Stop Shop to manufacture Precision Plastic Engineering Components for a range of Industries, including Automobile Components- Automatic Roller doors – Electric Motors – Plumbing Fittings- Disposable Medical Products – Vacuum Cleaners – Parking meter Components – One-time use Security Seals – Security System Components – Smoke- Gas  Detectors – Lawn Mower and Whipper Snipper Components- Coal Mining Industries and many more.

10 years later in the year 2000 Rebello started putting the ground-work in place to begin operations in Goa India and after a series of stop-starts to buy Land and Build the 10,000sq. mt. Factory was finally completed in 2007 and inaugurated on the 1st April 2008.

G Rebello Engineering is a Quality Endorsed Company and manufacture all products under a quality assurance system complying with ISO/AS 9001-2000 quality standards and Plumbing  Watermark Standards and have comprehensive OH&S and environmental management systems.

IN 2009 partnered with Harcor Security Seals to set up operations in India and set-up Company called Rebcor Security Systems Pvt. Ltd. Manufacturing of Security Seals started in April 2009 mainly for Export market.

Tool-Room set-up in India  began in mid 2010 and in the process of buying machines and recruiting personnel  etc .Late 2010 developed and patented COCO_TRIM  machine to be used for harvesting  Coconuts in India.

The workforce in Australia comprises of 28 Staff with a turnover of 9 crores and the Indian operation has a staff of 12 people with a turnover of 1 crore in the first year of operation. This division of the Rebello Group compliments the Toolroom within G Rebello Engineering by facilitating turnkey manufacturing and moulding processes. With 20 Injection Molding machines ranging from 80 to 850 tonnes, the company has the capability for hot-Runner molding of all engineering plastics including Nylon, Polycarbonate, ABS and various Mineral and Glass-filled alloys, with a Single-shot molding of over 5 Kgs.

On track to have joint ventures between 6 to 10 foreign companies wanting to start operations in India which will include fabrication, electronics, switchgear,  and engineering.

We are currently manufacturing precision tooling and molding for the following customers

  • B & D Australia Pty Ltd

  • Harcor Security Seals Pty Ltd 

  • Pest Free Australia Pty Ltd  

  • Holden  Australia Pty Ltd

  • Resmed Pty Ltd

  • Advantage Line Pty Ltd

  • The Fifth P Group Pty Ltd 

  • Kathay Seals Singapore 

  • Reedwood Pty Ltd  

  • Iplex Pipelines Pty Ltd

  • Dairy Farmers Australia Pty Ltd 

  • Brava Australia Pty Ltd

  • Hilti Mining Engineering Pty Ltd

  • Roadways Pty Ltd  

  • Mainstar Australia Pty Ltd

  • Reino International Pty Ltd  

  • Fire Tronics Pty Ltd  

  • Master Australia

  • W.F Energy Controls  

  • Eurofleur Enterprises Pty Ltd

  • Jemat Industries Pty Ltd 

  • Andy Buckets Pty Ltd 

  • Ness Security Products

  • Astra Pharmaceuticals 

  • Regulator Australia

  • Alladdin Industries

  • HPM Industries

  • Waterco Industries

  • Betts Electric Motors 


–  Automatic Roller Doors and Gates

–  Tamper evident seals and Systems

–  Electronic pest and rodent Control Equipment

–  Motor vehicle components

–  Sleep Disorders monitoring Equipment

–  Point of Sale Display for Commercial environment

–  Point of Sale Display Systems – Shopping Centers

–  Security Tamper evident Seals

–  Plumbing Fittings Innovations

–  Plumbing Fittings for the Building Industries

–  Caps and Closures

–  Bean Bags and Leisure Products

–  Mining Products

–  Mining Products

–  Electric Fencing

–  Automated Parking Meters

–  Smoke and Gas Detectors

–  Commercial Cleaning equipment

–  Energy Control Systems

–  Sanitary ware and Hygiene products

–  Transport and Storage equipment

–   Building Products

–  Surveillance Security Systems and Medical Alarms

–  Disposable syringes and medical Items

–  Commercial Air conditioning monitoring systems

–  Thermal Mugs and Coffee Cups.

–  Switchgear and Lighting Products.

–  Swimming pool accessories.

–   Electric Motor fittings and accessories

     Door and Window accessories

     Chinese takeaway containers

The Group comprises of the following Companies

  • G Rebello Engineering ABN 14 002 478 417
  • Abco Plastics ABN 42 003 252 444
  • Auslink Worldwide Pty Ltd. ABN 34 081 753 602
  • Rebello International Pvt Ltd
  • Rebcor Security Systems Pvt Ltd